Burner Fire Control Manufactures Systems for Amerex

ABS American Bureau of Shipping – 2016 Certification

Well Test Area Fire Safety Procedures

Well Test Area Fire Safety Procedures During Flowback Operations
(the below information serves as a common starting framework for an integrated fire safety plan as delivered by Burner Fire Control.  This framework may be supplemented or altered with additional services and equipment based on the project scope, facility, location, or information gathered from formal facilities and project surveys)
Basic Fire Protection
Fire protection encompasses all efforts directed at reduction or elimination of losses due to fires. This includes […]

CAFS Trailer System Chosen for Mining Fire Protection

Mining Fire Protection
Burner Fire Control has been again selected to provide its 200 Gallon Compressed Air Foam Trailer Unit for emergency response for operations in the Chirano Gold Mine, Ghana, Africa.  The CAFS 200 HD Trailer System provides self-contained and mobile capabilities to address potential surface hazards within the operations and surrounding areas.  The Unit was shipped with Class A and B foam concentrate for mitigation of potential structural and hydrocarbon hazards.

About Chirano Gold Mine

Chirano Gold […]

USCG Life Float Phase Out

Phase-Out of Life Floats and Rigid Buoyant Apparatus
On July 1, 2015 the USCG notified manufacturers of Life Floats and Rigid Buoyant Apparatuses that their products would no longer be approved for carriage effective February 26, 2016.
To support our clients with this requirement, Burner Fire Control has put together a dedicated team within its Offshore Safety Division to aid in equipment procurement, deployment, service, and maintenance.  Leveraging Burner Fire Control’s current capabilities as an approved service supplier […]

Burner Fire Control Expands H2S and Breathing Air Services

H2S and Breathing Air Safety Services
As a leader in special hazards offshore fire & safety, Burner Fire Control has added H2S Safety Services to its comprehensive service portfolio. Deployment of these services will be managed by its current integrated Fire & Gas Detection division that has serviced its core customer-base for over 4 decades. The company will provide an expansive H2S sales & rental equipment fleet, 24-hour product support, and in-house service center for […]

Dry Chemical Skid with Remote Discharges

What You Need to Know When Considering Dry Chemical Remote Discharge Systems
Constant Discharge and Remote Hose Reel Installations

Unique from any other system, Burner Fire Control manufactures a fleet of Dry Chemical Systems that are the most versatile units on the market.  The superior design of these systems are further proven in situations where remote discharge devices are needed.  In comparison to competing systems that are fabricated with only (1) discharge outlet from the agent vessel, Burner Fire […]

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    Dry-Chemical Quick Attack Unit built for Lyondellbasell’s Bayport Complex

Dry-Chemical Quick Attack Unit built for Lyondellbasell’s Bayport Complex

Key Features:
Ford F550 4×4 4-Door Diesel Cab/Chassis
Skeeter Custom Aluminum Flat-Bed Body
High Side Passenger Side Compartments
Driver Side Rear Access Step-well
2,000 lb. Burner Fire Control Dry Chemical System with Purple-K Agent
Texana Quick Attack Dual Riser, Dual Side Inlet Manifold
Dual Elkhart 1250 GPM monitors
One 1250 GPM Elkhart Fog Nozzle
One Williams Fire & Hazard Control 1,000 GPM / 20 lb. per second Hydro-Chem Nozzle
One 100 ft. 1.00” Dry Chemical Hose Reel with a Task Force Tips 7 lbs. […]

Fire and Risk Assessments on Offshore Facilities

Operating philosophy concerning fire prevention, fire protection, fire control, and fire fighting on offshore platforms and facilities
An assessment is documented for a review of the existing fire fighting systems, including fire water and supporting active, passive and self-contained units. Assessment format is used to evaluate fire fighting systems prior to start up after extensive construction repairs and modifications.   All organizations should understand the importance of following proper procedures to prevent fires – good house-keeping, […]

Dry Chemical Skid Units – LNG Facilities Fire Protection

LNG Facilities and Vessel Fire Protection
As the current cycle of new LNG facilities continue design and construction completion, Burner Fire Control has continued to be on the forefront in the supply of its specialized fire protection equipment and services.  One particular equipment fleet of interest to these facilities continues to be its full line of self-contained large capacity Dry Chemical Skid Systems.  Burner Fire Control manufactures these systems in-house and has done so for over […]