Jet Fuel Fire Fighting CAFS Skid

Burner Fire Control 250 Gallon Jet Fuel Fire Fighting Skid: Stored Energy Compressed Air Foam System (self-contained)

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    CAP 437 CAFS Compressed Air Foam Helideck Fire Fighting Unit Official Demonstration

CAP 437 CAFS Compressed Air Foam Helideck Fire Fighting Unit Official Demonstration

The Compressed Air Foam CAFS Self-Contained Fire Fighting Unit (designed and manufactured by Burner Fire Control) completes testing to achieve client compliance for use globally on helidecks and offshore facilities.
The 450 Gallon CAFS Unit is designed to meet multiple internal and external governing mandates to achieve total compliance harmonization.  The unique characteristics of system design to include self-containment and integrated remote oscillating foam monitors (designed to deliver Class A and Class B Foam), places […]

CAP 437 CAFS Compressed Air Foam Fire Fighting Unit

Burner Fire Control has completed design, manufacturing, and testing of its Self-Contained 450 Gallon CAFS Compressed Air Foam Heliport Fire Fighting Unit
The System meeting the standards of CAP 437 and NFPA to be used globally on Helideck and Heliports for Offshore and Onshore Emergency Response.  With integrated remote foam monitor operation, this Unit is one of the best performing solutions and unique to its kind.

Jet Fuel CAFS Fire Fighting Skid

Burner Fire Control completes design, manufacturing, and testing of its Self-Contained, 250 Gallon, CAFS (Compressed Air Foam) Fire Fighting Unit

Compressed Air Foam Systems: What You Need to Know

Response Time will always be a key performance indicator and a metric that any agency or organization strives to improve when dealing with public safety. For Fire Rescue teams, response time and mitigation are affected by many variables that typically present themselves in different ways on every call-out. As with every kind of protection arsenal, arming our men and woman in service with the most effective tools stays […]

CAP 437 CAFS Compressed Air Foam System Monitor Test

CAP 437 :  CAA Standards for Helicopter Landing Areas
The above video illustrates some of the Testing of Foam Monitors fed by custom CAFS Compressed Air Foam System designed and manufactured by Burner Fire Control. This System is CAP 437 Compliant (CAA Standards for Helicopter Landing Areas) and Helideck Facilities on Offshore Platforms and other Structures to include Wind Turbines and Marine Vessels. The Compressed Air Foam System – or CAFS – is designed and […]

Burner Fire Control Manufactures Systems for Amerex

Burner Fire Control has entered into an agreement with The Amerex Group to establish a supply arrangement for Large Capacity Skid and Compressed Air Foam Fire Fighting Systems.
The two companies entered the agreement to jointly market and deliver Burner Fire Control’s full line of self-contained Dry Chemical, AFFF, Twin Agent, and CAFS units to Amerex’s network of fire suppression specialists and equipment distributors spanning across the U.S. and Internationally.  The agreement will bring together the two […]

ABS American Bureau of Shipping – 2016 Certification

Well Test Area Fire Safety Procedures

Well Test Area Fire Safety Procedures During Flowback Operations
(the below information serves as a common starting framework for an integrated fire safety plan as delivered by Burner Fire Control.  This framework may be supplemented or altered with additional services and equipment based on the project scope, facility, location, or information gathered from formal facilities and project surveys)
Basic Fire Protection
Fire protection encompasses all efforts directed at reduction or elimination of losses due to fires. This includes […]

CAFS Trailer System Chosen for Mining Fire Protection

Mining Fire Protection
Burner Fire Control has been again selected to provide its 200 Gallon Compressed Air Foam Trailer Unit for emergency response for operations in the Chirano Gold Mine, Ghana, Africa.  The CAFS 200 HD Trailer System provides self-contained and mobile capabilities to address potential surface hazards within the operations and surrounding areas.  The Unit was shipped with Class A and B foam concentrate for mitigation of potential structural and hydrocarbon hazards.

About Chirano Gold Mine

Chirano Gold […]