Burner Fire Control has entered into an agreement with The Amerex Group to establish a supply arrangement for Large Capacity Skid and Compressed Air Foam Fire Fighting Systems.

The two companies entered the agreement to jointly market and deliver Burner Fire Control’s full line of self-contained Dry Chemical, AFFF, Twin Agent, and CAFS units to Amerex’s network of fire suppression specialists and equipment distributors spanning across the U.S. and Internationally.  The agreement will bring together the two company’s offerings to form one of the most expansive lines of fire protection equipment in the industry.

Burner Fire Control has historically designed and fabricated highly customized industrial-grade fire skid systems direct to customers (to include some of the largest oil, gas, and petrochemical companies) for use on land and offshore facilities.  These units have been delivered and commissioned in over 27 countries and have four decades of proven operation in the field.

There is a very large application range of a completely self-contained systems that do not require outside sources of power, water, or air.  These units continue to be procured and designated for stand-alone use (strategically placed on any facility), or additionally installed (temporarily or permanently) on vehicles and sites that did not previously have fire protection capabilities (other than hand-portable extinguishers).

Offering a wider variety of options to emergency response teams is key. Enabling them to put together a custom, cost-efficient superior fire-fighting package that makes sense for their project, geography, and target coverage area has been long overdue.

Full equipment line brochure and unit specifications can be accessed at Amerex-Fire.com