The Water Curtain ģ Offshore Rig Cooling
Offshore Rig Cooling: High Rate Flaring Protection

Custom fitted to any drilling rig, liftboat, barge, production platform.

Water Curtain ® Full Rig Cooling System

Total Radiant Heat Protection for Personnel, Facilities, and Equipment

Built-in Redundancy on all Critical components

Rigside, handrails, and other protected areas for additional layers of radiant heat protection.

Burner Boom Nozzle ® Boom Cooling

For Lower Flow Rates
Used in conjunction with Water Curtain® for high rate flaring
Fits all Flare Booms with NO walkway restrictions
Positioned behind burner heads to attenuate radiant heat 

Zero environmental impact and 0% facilities damage rate in 3 decades

The Water Curtain® Rig & Boom Cooling Systems have set the standards in the industry for over three decades.

Burnerís first Water Curtain ® Rig Cooling System was engineered in the early 1980ís in partnership with Amoco Production Company to address potential facilities damage from the increasing number of high-rate well tests. The success of the early systems prompted interest of Shell Oil Technology Group who invested a team of resources to engineer and develop the Water Curtain® into a mature service for use on internal projects. Since then, the Water Curtain® has been the domestic market leader offshore with its global presence increasing year-over-year and proven to be the best deluge heat protection during well test flaring.

Spotlight Customers:

Anadarko, Husky Oil, BP, ENI, Schlumberger, Chevron, Expro, Oceaneering

To learn more about how Burner Water Curtain® rig cooling services can help with your next project, contact us at 1-800-864-4073 or email us.



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