The Global Defender Blast Mitigation System allows technicians to mitigate and contain a variety of detonation and dispersion devices enabling a controlled evacuation of the area. Designed for rapid, remote, no-contact deployment, the system provides for superior operator safety and effectiveness.

Global Defender Homeland Security Catalog

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The Global Defender significantly mitigates the effects of dispersal (Chemical, Biological, and Radiological) and Explosive threats up to 5 pounds. In addition to multiple explosive analyses, the system was evaluated by the US Department of Energy for Radiological Dispersal Device containment. The system fully contained 2 daily doses of Technetium-99 attached to a 1 pound binary explosive charge within a 20 feet radius as opposed to an unmitigated 1 daily dose contamination radius of 75 feet and the aerial dispersion of the agent.

Method of Operation

All systems use the patented foam enclosures. The enclosures, which are folded for easy storage and deployment, automatically unfold to cover the device as they are filled with foam. The enclosures are made from a synthetic material designed to expand and give way, as necessary, when the device is detonated. The expansion enables the system to suppress and contain the blast effect, fragmentation, and any dispersible agents that may be attached to the device. The enclosures are fabricated with a solid bottom to prevent the foam from contacting the device reducing the risk of inadvertent detonation and it allows the enclosure to be moved once it is filled without spilling the foam.

The systems are compatible with most tools available today including disrupters, counter-charges, and perforators among others. A deployed system provides operators at least four hours of mitigation before the foam begins to degrade. The thickness and density of the proprietary foam offers many benefits including extended time to address a mitigated device, suppression, containment of dispersible agents by capturing and containing the agent within its bubble structure suspending it for hours, and easier clean-up post blast since the foam remains intact. The foam is biodegradable allowing it to dissipate on its own with no required cleanup if it was not contaminated with any dispersible agent.

Features and Options

  • Fixed and portable systems mitigate devices up to 5 pounds of high explosive (2 lbs. with portable)
  • Independent system requiring no external inputs (i.e. water, power, or pumps)
  • System is stored ready-to-deploy eliminating on-scene setup
  • System is comprised of subsystems and equipment proven reliable and fielded in other fire systems
  • Biodegradable foam agent captures and preserves the device for forensic examination
  • Self-contained enclosures prevent foam agent from contact the device
  • Mitigates a variety of devices from vehicles to packages composed of ammonium nitrate to C4
  • Remote or manual emplacement with no immediate device contact and long stand-off operation
  • One handle operation operated by a single user
  • Disable/disrupt device with system in place to mitigate inadvertent detonation

Testing and Results

In excess of 100 test shots have been performed utilizing various types of explosives and devices including Dynamite, Ammonium Nitrate, C4, Smokeless Powder in Pipe Bombs, Dispersal Devices, Package Bombs, and many others. All testing was performed under the close scrutiny and supervision of Federal, State, and Local bomb technicians at designated ranges such as Texas Engineering Extension Bomb Range (TEEX), Houston PD Bomb Range, Dothan, Alabama PD Bomb Range, and several undisclosed Federal ranges.

Not all results are posted; please contact us for additional details.

Live Tests and Demonstrations:

Houston, TX Police Department Bomb Range

Attending Agencies:

Houston, TX Police Dept.
Corpus Christi, TX Police Dept.

Omaha, NE Radiological Dispersal Device

Attending Agencies: (approx 80 attendees)

The US Department of Energy Director of Emergency Preparedness and Response.
The National Nuclear Security Administration Office of Emergency Operations (NNSA) was present with several scientists to oversee and measure the levels of radioactive exposure and dispersal.
The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services with scientists tasked with handling the radioactive materials (Technetium-99).
The House Office of Critical Infrastructure Protections
Bomb Squad personnel from squads located across the Midwest including WI, OH, TX, NB, MI

Test Results Data

Available in three standard and customizable configurations.

All portable systems are constructed with lightweight carbon steel vessels and aluminum frames yielding systems that are easily transported and maximum strength.  All pressure vessels are built to ASME standards.

  • 60 gallon Portable System: designed for a single application using the standard 6’ x 6’ enclosure.
  • Fixed Trailer Mounted System:  designed for larger explosive device (greater than 2 pound of high explosive) and for multiple applications.
  • Combination Trailer System:   includes the Portable and Trailer Mounted Systems providing maximum mitigation and flexibility.

Global Defender Portable System

Global Defender Portable SystemThe 60 gallon Portable System is designed to be transported and deployed from trailers, pickup trucks, vans, or aircraft. It is mounted on four all-terrain tires for high maneuverability over rough terrain. The system is completely self-contained and remotely operated with 100 feet of non-collapsible light-weight discharge hose mounted atop the system on a hose reel providing maximum stand-off range. With the enclosure in place, the system is activated by rotating a single handle. The system is powered from two nitrogen cylinders fit alongside the unit in flexible bottle racks. Once activated, the operator may retreat to a safer distance while the system automatically fills the enclosure and covers the device. The portable system will mitigate explosive devices containing up to 2 pounds of high explosive.

Global Defender Fixed Trailer Mounted System

Global Defender Trailer SystemThe 130 gallon Fixed Trailer System is designed to provide maximum suppression and containment capability. The system includes an enclosed cargo trailer containing a full complement of equipment necessary to operate the system including an electric hose reel, 150 feet of non-collapsible discharge hose, two Nitrogen cylinders, and a fixed fluid pumping system to transfer mitigation foam from 55-gallon drums into the system vessel and storage boxes. The Fixed Trailer System will fill the largest enclosure, 9 feet base by 5 feet tall, or fill two small enclosures, 6 feet base by 4 feet tall. The largest enclosure will mitigate and contain devices containing up to 5 pounds of high explosive.

Global Defender Combination Trailer System

Global Defender Combination SystemThe Global Defender Combination Trailer System combines the Portable System with the Fixed Trailer System providing operators with multiple options regardless of the circumstance. The Portable System is stowed within the trailer in a unique transport rack and is otherwise completely independent of the Trailer System. The Portable System can be removed from the trailer and positioned wherever necessary as required to address the situation. However, if circumstances dictate, the Fixed Trailer System can fill a much larger enclosure or can be used to cover multiple devices without requiring a system recharge.


December 2005
Indianapolis, IN Bomb Squad took delivery of a Global Defender Portable System. The event was capped off with a live demonstration of the system suppressing a 1 pound pipe bomb. Attendees included the Chief of Police, Mayor, and Vice President of Raytheon, as well as several members of the media.
(News coverage of the system)

November 2005
Omaha, NE Bomb Squad took delivery of a Global Defender Combination Trailer System including on-site live fire training.

October 2005
The Global Defender system was featured in The Detonator magazine. The system was highlighted on the front cover of the periodical along with a feature article written by the Dothan Bomb Squad.

May 2005
Dothan, AL Police Department Bomb Squad took delivery of the Global Defender Blast Mitigation System including a two-day training and demonstration session.

May 2005
During an extensive testing evolution, the Global Defender Combination Trailer System was put through a rigorous sequence of real-world scenarios including pipe bombs, vehicle bombs, and dispersal devices. All testing was conducted by state and local certified bomb technicians to ensure safety and to provide operator feedback. The general results were outstanding. One test, however, is worth special mention; the test consisted of the largest device ever mitigated by the system, a 6+ pound high explosive charge. The Global Defender System successfully mitigated this blast, containing all material and fragmentation within a 20 foot radius of the device.

May 2005
Raytheon Company becomes the exclusive worldwide distributor of the Global Defender Blast Mitigation System. The agreement allows Raytheon to market and sell all Global Defender systems to customers worldwide. Systems will be manufactured by Burner Fire Control, Inc. at their facilities in Lafayette, LA.

June 2004
The Global Defender makes its official public appearance at the IABTI International conference in Baton Rouge, LA. The team was able to introduce the system to future users with the completion of testing and patent filing. The SUV Portable System was also introduced; designed for transportation and deployment from any full size SUV, truck, van, etc. The system was demonstrated to a crowd of approximately 200 observers at the outdoor demonstration day. The system was used to mitigate the blast of 1/2 pound of binary explosive charge. The system all but silenced the otherwise deafening explosive blast.

October 2003
The FBI invited the Global Defender team to Houston, TX to demonstrate the system to Federal, State and Local authorities. Although the system was being qualified, it performed flawlessly. The system was used to mitigate devices such as car bombs, pipe bombs, and dispersal devices. See the Testing and Results page for details.

October 2003
Following the successful tests in Houston, TX earlier in the month, the Global Defender team was invited by the US Department of Energy to participate in Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD) testing in Omaha, NE. The Global Defender System completely suppressed the dispersal blast and contained all of the material within its proprietary foam. The containment was observed for over an hour after detonation with no radiation escaping. See the Testing and Results page for details.

The Global Defender Blast Mitigation System was developed and currently manufactured by Burner Fire Control, Inc.  Distribution by Raytheon Technical Services Company.

Burner Fire Control was approached by a group of bomb technicians and chemists seeking assistance in the development of a new blast mitigation system; one which used a new foam compound to suppress and contain CBRNE devices. Over five years of development and testing yielded the deployment of the Global Defender Blast Mitigation System.

Burner Fire Control is an active member of several professional organizations including: International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Raytheon Technical Service Company provides a full spectrum of technical, scientific and professional services to its defense, federal, international, and commercial customers worldwide. It specializes in training, logistics, engineering, product support, and operational support services and solutions for the Mission Support, homeland security, space, civil aviation, counter-proliferation and counter-terrorism markets.

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