Burner Fire Control Receives 2019 AEU Safety Award

Burner Fire Control® has been awarded a 2019 The American Equity Underwriters, Inc. Safety Award for our organization’s continued workplace & field safety performance. AEU, the leading provider of workers’ compensation for waterfront employers, presents the AEU Safety Awards each year to its best performing members nationwide.

Eligibility for the […]

ABS Service Provider

Burner Fire Control® Inspections & Maintenance teams are American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Certified, nominated by Amerex, Kidde, Mircom, Det-Tronics, Detcon, Chemguard, Fike, General Monitors, Buckeye Fire, and Solberg/Perimeter Solutions – with manufacturer training, qualifications, and authorizations to perform a full spectrum of equipment lifecycle services. In addition, our […]

Burner Fire Control Fabrication Division

Burner’s Industrial Fabrication Division performs projects at our in-house ASME coded facilities located in Broussard, LA. In keeping with the core competency of Burner’s business, our fabrication facility is focused on Safety, Quality, and meeting the deliverables and expectations of our clients. Burner’s experienced and certified welders have the […]

LNG Fire Safety

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) sets the requirements
for firefighting equipment aboard LNG ships. The IMO requires

Fixed dry chemical powder is fitted for firefighting in the exposed cargo area with at least two hoses or monitors capable of reaching the manifold area. Monitors have a discharge […]

AFFF Fire Protection Units for Offshore Installations

AFFF Fire Protection Stations - Offshore Installation

Wellsite Tank Battery Fire Protection Equipment

Burner Fire Control designs, manufactures, and ships another fleet of Foam Fire Protection Stations to the Permian Basin
The Pre-Mixed Foam Delivery Systems were set up and installed for Tank Battery fire protection on the customer’s site.  The units are completely self-contained and require no outside water, foam pumps, or proportioners. […]

Wellsite Fire Protection for Fracking Operations

Compressed Air Foam Systems – Skid and Trailered Units
SUMMARY Fire Protection for Land-based Oil & Gas Facilities
Hydraulic Fracturing Wellsite Equipment – Flammable Liquid and Fluid Hazards
Operating philosophy regarding fire prevention, fire protection, fire control, and fire fighting on offshore wellsite facilities has long been a major component of standard […]

Helix Well Containment Group

Burner Fire Control selected as Core Contractor for Helix Well Containment Group
Consortium Profile

HWCG LLC is a consortium of deepwater operators and non-operators in the Gulf of Mexico who have come together with the common goal of expanding capabilities to quickly and comprehensively respond to a subsea well containment event […]

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    Burner Fire Control Completes Fire Safety Equipment Inspections for Kosmos-Trident Equatorial Guinea

Burner Fire Control Completes Fire Safety Equipment Inspections for Kosmos-Trident Equatorial Guinea

After the acquisition of Hess Corporation’s interest in the Ceiba Field and Okume Complex assets in offshore Equatorial Guinea, Kosmos-Trident retained Burner Fire Control (BFC) as their fire safety contractor due to the longstanding history and experience BFC has on these facilities.
Scope of work includes inspection, repair, and maintenance […]

Compressed Air Foam CAFS Fire Fighting Trailer Mount

200 Gallon Compressed Air Foam (CAF) Fire Fighting Trailer System. Destination: Santiago, Chile
CAFS Compressed Air Foam mobile delivery system for Class A & B Foam for the mitigation of structural and hydrocarbon fire hazards. Manufactured and field tested for extreme environments (offshore & land).   CAF Systems are suitable for […]