Burner Fire Control featured in Fire Apparatus Magazine

Lafayette, Louisiana-based Burner Fire Control has been manufacturing industrial self-contained fire suppression systems for more than 40 years. Since 1973, the organization has grown from a handful of technicians to a specialty team with a global reach for its preengineered firefighting equipment.
The company not only manufactures these systems, but […]

USCG Life Float Phase Out

Phase-Out of Life Floats and Rigid Buoyant Apparatus
On July 1, 2015 the USCG notified manufacturers of Life Floats and Rigid Buoyant Apparatuses that their products would no longer be approved for carriage effective February 26, 2016.
To support our clients with this requirement, Burner Fire Control has put together a dedicated […]

Burner Fire Control Expands H2S and Breathing Air Services

H2S and Breathing Air Safety Services
As a leader in special hazards offshore fire & safety, Burner Fire Control has added H2S Safety Services to its comprehensive service portfolio. Deployment of these services will be managed by its current integrated Fire & Gas Detection division that has serviced its core […]

Dry Chemical Skid with Remote Discharges

What You Need to Know When Considering Dry Chemical Remote Discharge Systems
Constant Discharge and Remote Hose Reel Installations

Unique from any other system, Burner Fire Control manufactures a fleet of Dry Chemical Systems that are the most versatile units on the market.  The superior design of these systems are further proven in […]

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    Dry-Chemical Quick Attack Unit built for Lyondellbasell’s Bayport Complex

Dry-Chemical Quick Attack Unit built for Lyondellbasell’s Bayport Complex

Key Features:
Ford F550 4×4 4-Door Diesel Cab/Chassis
Skeeter Custom Aluminum Flat-Bed Body
High Side Passenger Side Compartments
Driver Side Rear Access Step-well
2,000 lb. Burner Fire Control Dry Chemical System with Purple-K Agent
Texana Quick Attack Dual Riser, Dual Side Inlet Manifold
Dual Elkhart 1250 GPM monitors
One 1250 GPM Elkhart Fog Nozzle
One Williams Fire & […]

Fire and Risk Assessments on Offshore Facilities

Operating philosophy concerning fire prevention, fire protection, fire control, and fire fighting on offshore platforms and facilities
An assessment is documented for a review of the existing fire fighting systems, including fire water and supporting active, passive and self-contained units. Assessment format is used to evaluate fire fighting systems prior to […]

Dry Chemical Skid Units – LNG Facilities Fire Protection

LNG Facilities and Vessel Fire Protection
As the current cycle of new LNG facilities continue design and construction completion, Burner Fire Control has continued to be on the forefront in the supply of its specialized fire protection equipment and services.  One particular equipment fleet of interest to these facilities continues to […]

Burner Fire Control: Diversified Industrial & Wellsite Services – Lagcoe 2015

About Burner Fire Control
Burner Fire Control serves the industrial and energy markets providing fire protection related services and equipment through a diversified base of operations located in Lafayette, Louisiana.  In addition, the company delivers a full spectrum of specialized fabrication, construction, and maintenance services to companies with wellsite operations […]

Twin Agent Hand Hose Line Fire Suppression Test – LSU FETI

Description: Twin Agent Fire Fighting Skid
Burner Twin-Agent Dry Chemical Powder and Foam Systems combine the effective knock down response of our Dry Chemical Systems with added flame suppressant, cooling, and blanketing vapor mitigation of foam suppressant. All Twin-Agent Fire Protection Skids are designed and manufactured by Burner Fire Control. […]

Twin Agent Fire Fighting Skid Demonstration – LSU FETI

Description:  Twin Agent Fire Fighting Skid
Burner Fire Control Twin-Agent (Dry Chemical Powder and Foam Systems) combine the effective response of our Dry Chemical Systems with added flame suppressant, cooling, and blanketing vapor mitigation of foam suppressant.
Application: Twin Agent Fire Fighting Skid
The dual agent application is the most effective tool […]