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How Burner Fire Control Became A Global Powerhouse In Fire Protection

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If there's one name in the fire protection industry that is trusted worldwide, it's Burner Fire Control. Thanks to over 4 decades of experience and comprehensive product line, Burner has become a global powerhouse in fire protection. But how did they get to be such a well-known and respected company? Find out how they rose to the top - and continue to dominate - the fire protection industry.

Specialty Fire Control Team With Years Of Experience

For a private family-owned business, working for the largest Oil & Gas companies in the world, and to con­tinually achieve success is a huge undertaking. But com­panies like Burner Fire Control have done just that, and with longevity. The 49-year old Lafayette, Louisiana­ based organization has grown from just a handful of technicians to a specialty team with a global reach for their offshore services and pre-engineered fire fighting equipment, who some say, produce some of the highest quality systems on the market. 

"We are a niche business in a big fragmented indus­try", explained Jason Cruse, Burner Fire Control's Director of Operations, "but we have developed a port­folio of equipment and services that is truly amazing."

Providing High Quality Fire Control Equipment And Services

The company sets itself apart by offering a total fire equipment lifecycle for special hazards, and not only manufactures these systems, but repairs, recertifies, and refurbishes their systems as well as units from other manufacturers. "We typically complete everything in­-house", says Cruse. "It's another layer that gives Burner a competitive edge and helps us to manage quality con­trol more effectively."

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Fire Control Equipment

Burner holds certifications from DNV-GL and ABS to inspect, service, and maintain fire protection systems in offshore environments. ln addition to being one of the largest offshore Gulf Coast portable fire extinguisher dealers for producers like Amerex and Buckeye, Burner's manufactured Dry Chemical Powder and Foam System Skids have been a staple in the industry for decades. The systems are self contained and specifically designed for extreme conditions and use offshore. The popularity of these systems has gained the attention of major global supply, engineering, and other leaders in the energy field who use Burner systems in a number of applications internationally.

Fire Protection Services

According to Cruse, there are many layers involved in implementing and maintaining a comprehensive fire protection program for offshore structures. "However large or small of a part we play in that program, we do it well. The cohesive goal of these programs is to protect human life, along with the environment and the assets of all entities involved. Addressing special hazards, pro­viding the top tier equipment, inspection, testing, com­pliance and training are the areas that we place the most importance."

And Burner has been able to do this for some of the biggest names in the business. Their offshore technical team has been with the company for an average of 25 years and delivered equipment and associated services on a majority of the offshore platforms that have operat­ed in the Gulf of Mexico for almost five decades.

Water Curtain Rig Cooling | Burner Fire Control

Heat Suppression And Special Hazards

Along with systems manufacturing, installation, and inspection, Burner also provides rig cooling equipment and services via The Water Curtain® to protect person­nel and offshore facilities from radiant heat hazards dur­ing well testing operations. This too, has been part of the company's core business near its inception. "The success of our Water Curtain® is primarily based on experience and the sheer number of projects we've completed", commented Cruse. "Through this experience we have been able to optimize our equipment package and tech­niques. There are a number of variables that come with every new drilling and testing project, and we have the knowledge to plan and execute accordingly."


For more information on how Burner Fire Control can assist your team in determining the most effective fire protection arrangement for your offshore or land facility, please complete the Contact Request below or call 1-800-864-4073.

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About Burner Fire Control

BurnerFire - LogoBurner Fire Control delivers complete fire protection for onshore and offshore operations as well as safety, constructionfabrication, and maintenance services. Each person on our technical management team has an average of 25 years in the industrial & marine fire safety field experience. 

These skills plus the industry’s most respected certifications, our growing list of client credentials, and expertise in both the offshore and onshore fields make us one of the most unique privately-held organizations in the oilfield services sector.