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ABS Issues Notations for Well Test Operations

This Guide contains the technical requirements and criteria employed by ABS in the review and survey of well test systems that are being considered for Classification and for maintenance of Classification.

It is applicable to well test systems that are installed on board vessels and mobile offshore drilling units. Well test systems designed, constructed, and installed in accordance with the requirements of this Guide on an ABS classed vessel or mobile offshore drilling unit, under ABS review and survey, will be classed and identified in the Record by an appropriate classification notation as defined herein. ABS acknowledges that well test systems are usually installed on board when the vessel or unit is going to be engaged in well testing operations (short-term or extended well testing) and removed when the well testing campaign is finalized. The Guide has been written to account for the different scenarios during the life of the vessel or unit with adequate flexibility to cover the safety aspects during the different phases of operation as well as the preparation of the vessel or unit before the well test system is installed onboard. The Guide has an effective date of 1 March 2010. The application of this Guide and referred Rules and Guides is, in general, based on the contract date for construction between the shipbuilder and the prospective Owner (e.g., Rules which became effective on 1 March 2010 are not applicable to a vessel or unit for which the contract for construction was signed on 28 February 2010). At the Owner’s request and upon agreement by ABS, this Guide may be applied to existing vessels or units or to those projects for which the contract date of construction has been signed before 1 March 2010. See also 1-1-4/3 of the ABS Rules for Conditions of Classification – Offshore Units and Structures (Part 1).

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