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Dry Chemical Skids for Leading Deepwater Drilling Company

Dry Chemical Skid Units manufactured and delivered to leading UK-based deepwater drilling company.

The Dry Chemical fire suppression systems were charged with Purple-K Agent, effective for fighting Class B (flammable liquids) and can be used to combat electrically charged equipment fires.  The 1500 lb. ASME Code 2-HR systems were finished with Burner’s corrosion resistant coatings package and located on the driller’s semi-submersible platforms located offshore Gulf of Mexico.  Systems can be discharged by a single operator, and because the units are completely self contained, no piping or external connections are needed.

DCP Systems have been designed and built from the ground up for offshore applications and extreme fire hazard areas. Ships transporting bulk liquified natural gas (LNG) and high hazard platform areas are recommended apply dry chemical protection protect the deck and cargo. These DCP Deck Systems are composed on several strategically placed self-contained skid units. The skid systems can be configured with hose reels mounted on the unit in addition remote hose reels.

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