Fire Protection Equipment
Custom Manufactured Fire Protection Equipment

Burner Fire Control invests in evolving technology, industry certifications, training programs, workforce and facilities to develop the top lines of custom fire equipment available. We combine customized offshore and land fire and safety equipment, engineering, repair services, reconditioning, re-certification, spare parts procurement, training and technical support to produce higher-quality, long-lasting and more efficient equipment, resulting in less downtime, better performance and fewer replacements.

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Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS)

Self Contained, Nitrogen Pressurized
15-30 times more effective than water alone
Standard sizes from 16 gallon to 300 gallon
Custom Specifications
Versatile mounting applications

Twin Agent Fire Protection Systems

Dual or Independent Discharge
FAA 139 Compliant for ARFF Reponse Vehicles
Custom Specifications
Versatile Mounting applications

Dry Chemical Fire Protection Systems

Large Industrial Capacity for Class B and C fires
Marine Rated for extended harsh offshore conditions
Custom Specifications
Versatile Mounting applications

AFFF Fire Protection Systems

Large Industrial Capacity for increased area coverage
Custom Specifications
For use in hydrocarbon response efforts

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