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Burner Adds Soft Craft Services to Industrial Segment

As a safety-based organization with 50 years of industrial services, we continue to expand offerings to better support our customers

Soft Craft Services will support our current and prospective clients (regionally & internationally) as we continue to grow our industrial services group.  The Soft Craft Insulation Division brings technology and work experience ranging from hot-to-cold, with the capabilities of FULL DEMOLITION of insulation & metal to TOTAL REPLACEMENT with the newest and most effective products on the market. 

Lithium DLE Insulated

Fabrication & Application Materials include (but not limited) to: 
  • Full Range of Blankets
  • Calcium Silicate
  • Perlite, Foam Glass
  • Pyrogel (hot) & Cryogel (cold)
  • Foam Injection 

The development of the service line is supported by Burner's existing Scaffolding Division.  With decades of experience in land & offshore environments, Burner is currently a Tier 1 scaffolding contractor for leading Operators in the Gulf Coast.  Managing these new offerings in-house allows us to improve efficiencies, shorten completion times, and better manage safety & quality control. 


As an expert in special hazards, Burner continues to stay up to date with applicable codes and standards affecting compliance, specification of equipment, performance, and advanced applications in hazardous environments.  We implement the highest standards into the delivery of our equipment and services via formalized certifications &  implemented guidelines.

Standards, processes and procedures required in offshore & land services

In working globally with the majority of leading oil and gas operators, Burner is required to maintain compliance with all items needed to meet customer requirements & all AHJ, OSHA, Client SEMS, API Recommended Practices, and other initiatives to improve personnel & environmental safety of oil & gas operations.


Burner continues to maintain compliance to our customers as a valued contractor to deliver our portfolio in a safe and reliable manner.   ISN is the global leader in contractor and supplier information management.  ISN & Burner work together to proactively reduce risk by continued qualification and monitoring to promote safe and sustainable operations throughout the supply chain. 

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