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Burner Fire Control

Fire Systems Inspection & Certification on any Facility

Burner Fire Control maintains a team of personnel with the highest level of Offshore and Land expertise to serve the world’s largest and most respected companies.

We perform inspections for fire & gas systems on any facility

Our technical management staff has an average of 25 years experience each in the fire protection industry.  With a deep commitment and to safety, reliability, and integrity, we ensure the maximum protection for your personnel and project assets.

FIRE-SAFETY-SERVICES-BURNER-LPOur Fire Fighting Equipment Inspection, Fire Fighting Equipment arrangement Surveys, Safety Inspection, Fire Equipment design and manufacturing, and PPE sales and rental capabilities have proven to provide the resources needed to meet and exceed compliance and safety requirements.

We perform Pre-USCG Surveys, BSEE Inspections, Fire Equipment, and Safety Inspections for the majority of operators in the Gulf of Mexico.  Burner Fire Control personnel are also GWO Trained & Certified to perform Fire Safety Equipment Inspections on Offshore Wind Farm, Turbine, and Substation Facilities.  Global Wind Organisation (GWO) training standards describe learning objectives that have been agreed by GWO Member Companies and are recommended for renewable energy technicians working in construction, installation, operations and maintenance phases.  

ABS Approved Service Supplier

Burner Fire Control (Fire Safety Division) is a Certified ABS Service Supplier for Fire Extinguishing Systems Inspection & Maintenance

We have strengthened our capacity to accommodate the most complex and high-profile projects presented to us.

ABS-Service-Supplier-blue (1)Burner proudly stands behind its years of experience and customer service to provide a positive impact on your company’s performance goals by helping to ensure the safety of our client’s operational environments.

Burner Fire Control is ABS Group certified in specialist scope for fixed fire-extinguishing systems including; Gas & CO2 Systems, Pressure Water-Spraying & Water Mist Systems, Foam Systems, and Automatic Sprinkler Systems.  Also certified for Portable Fire Extinguishers & Fire/Smoke Detection & Alarm Systems.

Burner Fire Control's ABS Service location is: 1068 Smede Highway, Building #1, Broussard, Louisiana

Our Team is fully Factory Trained and Certified by the following manufacturers:


   General Monitors

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