Fire Equipment Design, Manufacturing, Testing, Installation, Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Refurbishment – In-Shop or in the Field.


NICET Fire Equipment DesignBurner holds a NICET Level III certified systems designer on staff for Fire Protection Engineering Technology: Special Hazards Suppression Systems.  With countless completed projects around the globe and has the capability to deliver turnkey custom solutions to fit any land or offshore project requirements. Initial site surveys and inspections, design services, installation, and refurbishment are all included in our Fire Suppression packaged service offerings.


Burner Fire Control U-Stamp

ASME U Stamp

Our manufacturing and assembly process are tested to the highest industry standards.  Burner has achieved “U-Stamp” Certification by ASME, and is authorized to apply both “NB” registration and “R” marks by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure vessel Inspectors.  The result is a best of breed line of equipment that has operated continuously in the harshest environments.  Premium system components are standard items on all systems are crafted to the highest standards for any environment.

Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance (IRM)

Burner Fire Control NBBI R Mark Oilfield Fabrication

NBBI R Stamp

These above certifications allow Burner to register, inspect, and repair all pressure vessels in accordance with the governing entities.  In addition, we are able to perform IRM on all complete systems in house or field based service.  These capabilities for fire suppression systems have been built by experience in completing global projects for our long term client base.  Burner teams have performed countless land-based and offshore fire systems surveys on platforms, barges, marine vessels, and LNG tankers certified by ABS and DNV.  Additional details on fire systems surveys and inspection services located here.

Testing and Refurbishment

Burner Fire Control AMSE Oilfield Fabrication ServicesAll newly built and refurbished systems go through a rigorous testing and re-certification process to ensure maximum integrity and reliability in extreme marine and land environments.  Hydrostatic testing is required for all pressure vessels in accordance with ASME Code.  Offshore fire equipment refurbishment programs include a complete point inspection and re-certification process for all assembly, vessel, hardware, seals, and fittings to include:  hydrostatic testing of nitrogen cylinders, hydrostatic testing of ASME code tank, removal and replacement of internal coating, replacement of brass fittings, valves and hoses, testing of regulators and manifold, blasting and painting of complete unit including cabinet, skid, tank, and cylinders with corrosion resistant paint system.

Specializing in:

  • CO2 Fire Suppression Systems
  • Large Dry Chemical Skid Systems, DCP Systems
  • Twin-Agent System Skids, Dual Dry Chemical & Foam
  • Compressed Air Foam Systems, CAFS
  • Pre-Mixed Foam Fire Protection Units, AFFF, AR-AFFF, CAFS
  • Fire & Gas Detection Systems
  • H2S Systems

Specified systems can be certified by ABS and DNV on request.  Burner has been commissioned to build and install suppression systems for a variety of environments and applications including LNG Vessels, Helideck and Heliports (per CAP 437), and all types of offshore platform drilling and production facilities.

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