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Burner Fire Control manufactures the highest performing self-contained dry chemical and foam systems on the market

Burner's equipment line of pre-engineered units date back over 30 years.  Over this time, we have continued to improve underlying technologies and stay ahead of compliance requirements placed on our customers. 

We continually invest in technology research, industry certifications, training programs, workforce, and facilities - to develop, design, and manufacture the best performing and highest quality fire protection equipment available.

We combine customized offshore & land fire and safety equipment, engineering, repair services, reconditioning, re-certification, spare parts procurement, training, and technical support to produce higher quality, longer lasting, and more efficient equipment resulting in less downtime, better performance, and fewer replacements.


Large Dry Chemical and Foam Skid Mounted Units

Burner's Large Dry Chemical and Foam equipment is designed, fabricated, and assembled with premium components and tested to offshore standards - resulting in a best of breed fleet that can be customized to meet requirements for enhanced fire protection arrangements, offshore deck systems, and strategically placed special hazard fire protection setups.  We complete this offering with comprehensive training programs and knowledge transfer.  

All Equipment is designed and commissioned to meet marine compliance standards and recommended practices from ABS & DNV for MOUs – Mobile Offshore Units, MODUs – Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, and offshore installations.  This addresses updated unique applications and new RPs for FPSOs – Floating Production, Storage and Offloading units to includes industrial facility areas to include cargo areas and machine spaces.  Additionally - our land-based fleets have been specifically designed to offer maximum mobility & portability to be the most effective tools in protecting well facilities, storage locations, and hydraulic fracturing operations.

Our fleet of standard units include the following:

Dry Chemical Skid Units are designed for one-person operation and pre-pressurized - Ready for immediate discharge.

Dry Chemical Skid Units incorporate a large capacity extinguisher cylinder and nitrogen back-up supply ready for instant actuation and maintain constant pressure during the discharge cycle. Chemical and pressure is sealed in the agent cylinder and is protected from moisture and contamination. The advanced expulsion system allows each hose reel to obtain chemical through independent discharge tubes affording a constant discharge rate on demand.

A plurality of discharge tubes individually controlled allows for optional installations and isolated discharges when needed. With individual manually controlled discharge valves, either hose reel can be actuated without charging the hose reel not in use.

Hose reels located in remote locations can be actuated independent of other remote reels and the remaining reels on the skid unit. All Units can accommodate manual operation or configured for automatic discharge. Units can be optionally completed with standard skid, piped installation or trailer mount.  Dry Chemical Units are routinely commissioned for fire-protection in LNG Facilities.

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Twin Agent Skid Units provide dual agent mitigation using dry chemical with the added fire response properties of an integrated foam unit proven to be one of the most effective tools in mitigating extreme risk areas with multiple hazards.

Units are designed and constructed for one-person operation and pre-pressurized ready for immediate discharge. Units incorporate dual large capacity extinguisher cylinders and nitrogen back-up supply ready for instant actuation in emergency situations. Units can accommodate manual operation or configured for automatic discharge. Units can be optionally completed with standard skid or trailer mount.

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Pre-Mixed Foam Stations are self-contained and require no outside water or power source.

These stations address limitations experienced with traditional foam proportioners, around-the-pump systems, foam monitors, applicators, and foam concentrate storage tanks. Units are offered with LOP (Loss of Pressure) actuation system and can be configured for manual or automatic discharge.  Pre-Mixed Foam Fire-Fighting Stations are routinely commissioned in a variety of locations from Offshore Production Platforms to Land-Based Saltwater Disposal Tanks & Tank Battery Hydrocarbon & Fuel Storage.

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Compressed Air Foam Skid Units are designed for single-person operation and rapid response affording the availability of high expansion foam for maximum fire fighting power in a versatile compact delivery unit.

Compressed Air Foam Units are self-contained and stored-energy having the added ability to inject compressed air into the foam solution generating a powerful fire attacking and suppression solution. This foam has a exponentially more dense bubble structure than water and standard foam solutions. The viscosity allows the foam to adhere to vertical and horizontal surfaces and penetrate fires deeper before the compound is broken down allowing latent water to be more effective. Units can be optionally completed with standard skid, trailer, or vehicle mount of choice.   CAFS Units are highly versatile and are routinely commissioned in a wide-variety of locations - from Offshore Helidecks to Oil & Gas Frac Pressure Pumping Sites. 

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