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Dry Chemical Skid Units – LNG Facilities Fire Protection

LNG Facilities and Vessel Fire Protection

As the current cycle of new LNG facilities continue design and construction completion, Burner Fire Control has continued to be on the forefront in the supply of its specialized fire protection equipment and services.  One particular equipment fleet of interest to these facilities continues to be its full line of self-contained large capacity Dry Chemical Skid Systems.  Burner Fire Control manufactures these systems in-house and has done so for over 40 years.

Dry Chemical Powder Systems, or “DCP”, effectively extinguishes class B and C hazards (using sodium or Purple K potassium bicarbonate agents) for Flammable Liquids and Gases where other types of equipment and agents may be less or ineffective.  DCP Systems have been designed and built from the ground up for offshore applications and extreme fire hazard areas.  Large capacities are effective when a sustained attack is required.  Facilities and Ships transporting bulk liquefied natural gas (LNG) are recommended to be fitted with Dry Chemical System arrangements that are composed of independent strategically placed nitrogen propelled self-contained skid units.  Dry Chemical Skid arrangements are effective on LNG and LPG fires (American Bureau of Shipping 141, “Guidance Notes on Fire Fighting Systems”) in loading areas, liquefaction trains, and the protections of relief tanks (PSV’s)

As there are a handful of manufacturers that produce these type of systems, one must carefully note the applications for which a fleet of units will be installed and operate independently or together within the facility.  Burner Fire Control’s Dry Chemical Systems have been specifically designed to operate at maximum performance in remote monitor and hose reel arrangements.  Burner Fire Control is the only manufacturer to integrate a patented expulsion systems that allows each hose reel to obtain the chemical through independent discharge tubes affording a constant discharge rate on demand.  With a plurality of discharge tubes individually controlled, “selector valves” are not required, and many optional installations with isolated discharges are possible.  With individual manual or optionally automatic control discharge valves to each hose reel on the skid unit, any hose reel can be actuated without charging the hose reel not in use resulting in any hose reel located in a remote location to be actuated independent of the other remote reel and the remaining reels on the skid unit.

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