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Portable & Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

Burner Fire Control is a Diamond Distributor and the largest Offshore Gulf Coast Dealer for Amerex hand portable, wheeled, and high performance fire extinguishers.  

This enables us to offer a complete offshore solution for portable, wheeled, and semi-portable large capacity fire extinguishers.

Water and Foam, Water and Mist, Carbon Dioxide, Class D, ABC Dry Chemical, Regular Dry Chemical, Purple K Dry Chemical, High Performance Dry Chemical, and High Flow Dry Chemical.  Wheeled Units range from Stored Pressure Dry Chemical, Nitrogen Cylinder Operated Dry Chemical, Class D, Foam, and Carbon Dioxide. UL Listed and USCG Approved extinguishers available.

We source and are certified to procure, inspect, maintain, and repair this equipment and their Recharge Agents (Foam and Dry Chemical), and Restaurant Systems on Land, Marine, and Offshore Environments.

Portable Fire Extinguishers play an important role in the overall safety posture of the facility in allowing small risks to be mitigated before they transform into a catastrophic event.  This is why Burner has partnered with the leading manufacturer of portable extinguishers to offer our clients a total fire protection solution.  In addition to first line procurement, Burner is also certified by ABS and DNV to inspect, service, and maintain these units through the entire project lifecycle on all offshore and marine facilities.

Amerex Diamond Distributor

1_71_Amerex-Logo-Color-1-1024x344Burner Fire Control is able to provide unbeatable prices of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers to end users.  

Burner continues to be awarded as Amerex’s largest high performance and wheeled unit distributor, as well as the distributor with the largest year-over-year increase in sales. Amerex is currently the industry leader in harsh duty, high performance portable fire extinguishers and wheeled fire extinguishers. These units are specifically designed to withstand the harsh punishment of offshore environments that are Burner’s core market.

Amerex is an ISO 9001 / 14001 manufacturer and offers a range of UL Listed Portable Fire Extinguishers from Water and Foam, Water and Mist, Halotron, Carbon Dioxide, Class D, ABC Dry Chemical, Regular Dry Chemical, Purple K Dry Chemical, High Performance Dry Chemical, and High Flow Dry Chemical.  Amerex also offers a fleet of Wheeled Units ranging from Stored Pressure Dry Chemical, Nitrogen Cylinder Operated Dry Chemical, Class D, Foam, Carbon Dioxide, and Halotron.

Amerex Diamond Distributor

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Fire Fighting Nozzles & Valves

Foam educators, valves, fire suppression systems nozzles, apparatus nozzles, and monitors for building systems, off-shore drilling sites, as well as military, marine, and industrial firefighting applications.

Fire Fighting Foam & Foam Concentrates

Solberg Foam Fire Fighting Foam - Burner Fire ControlBurner Fire Control offers some of the most advanced and extensive line of firefighting foam concentrates for the control and extinguishment of Class A and Class B fires.

 These agents combines with our specially designed foam fire suppression delivery systems offer the most powerful solutions available in a self-contained package.  The range of foam concentrate includes:


Synthetic firefighting foam concentrate specially designed to be used for wildland, structural and other Class A fuel fires. The foam concentrate is biodegradable and non-toxic, so it is environmentally sustainable.

The foam concentrate (including pre-mixed solution) is designed and applied to Class A fires including wood, paper, coal rubber, and structure fires. Class A foam concentrate is compatible with conventional firefighting equipment such as non-air aspirating and air aspirating foam nozzles, and Burner Fire Control Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS), rotary and fixed wing aircraft, low, medium and high expansion devices, balanced pressure pump systems, bladder tank systems and eductors (with metering orifice).


PFOS-free synthetic firefighting foam concentrates used to effectively extinguish Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires. AFFF concentrates provide rapid extinguishment and excellent burn back resistance and can be used in fresh, salt or brackish water.  AFFF concentrates can be used to prevent re-ignition of a liquid spill and control hazardous odors, and will improve extinguishment in deep-seated fires.

Foam non-air aspirating discharge devices as well as air aspirating discharge devices including standard sprinkler heads, can be used to obtain maximum results. The concentrates can also be used as a pre-mix solution. Foam concentrates are compatible with most dry powder agents, and provides even greater fire protection against three-dimensional fires. Foam concentrates can be proportioned at the proper foam solution percentage using common foam proportioning devices such as: eductors, inline balanced pressure proportioners, ratio controllers, and self-educting nozzles.

Fire Fighting Hose Reels

Firefighters and fire rescue squads demand fire rescue equipment that can deliver top performance under extreme conditions.

Hose reels and cable reels are durable, dependable, help cut attack time and increase safety. Booster Hose, Flat Hose, and Dual Agent Foam available.  

Hose reels for commercial, industrial, and military use. Direct crank rewind or chain and sprocket drive powered by A.C. or D.C. electric motors, compressed air motor, or hydraulic motor.  

Available construction in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Clean Agent Systems

Clean Agent systems like FM-200, Inergen and FE-13 provide protection for critical facilities that require fire protection systems to detect and suppress fires quickly without harming equipment, the facility, or the environment.

These non-toxic and versatile agents discharge as a gas that fully infiltrates the entire facility leaving no harmful residue that might cause damage to sensitive equipment or require cleanup.  Burner Fire Control is manufacturer certified in the design, installation, repair and maintenance of systems systems.

Fire & Gas Detection Equipment

Portable and fixed gas detection solutions to cover marine, confined space, fire/hazmat, utilities, refineries, oil tankers, and LPG.

Burner Fire Control is trained and certified in procurement, installation, maintenance, and repair. Portable monitors for single and multi-gas, fixed systems, calibration equipment, and specialty instruments.

Marine Survival & Safety


MES – Marine Evacuation Systems
Commercial Marine
Means Of Rescue
Offshore Mass Evacuation Systems


Buoyancy Garments
Inherently Buoyant
Lights & Accessories
Armour Capable
USCG Approved Type I PFD
USCG Approved Type III PFD
USCG Approved Type III/V PFD
USCG Approved Type V PFD
USCG Approved Type IV PFD

Immersion & Survival Suits

Dry Suits
Immersion Suits
Under Garments
Ice Rescue


Submarine Escape & Rescue

Escape Jerkins
Full Body Immersion Suit
Integrated Submarine Rescue Systems


Lifeboat Equipment
Release & Retrieval System (LRRS)

Fire Equipment

Branch Pipes
Breathing Apparatus
Portable Fire Extinguishers
Wheeled Fire Extinguishers
Skid Mounted Fire Fighting Units, Dry Chemical, Foam, CAFS, Twin Agent
Fire Cabinets
Fire Equipment Brackets & Spares
Fire Hoses, Couplings & Connections
Fire Suits

Medical & Rescue Equipment

First Aid Equipment
Ladders & Cradles

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