Burner Fire Control provides facilities and rig cooling services during well flowbacks and clean-ups, methanol protection, and fire protection deliverables for any facility or vessel (DNV / ABS)


Burner’s first water shield heat suppression system was engineered in the early 1980’s in partnership with Amoco Production Company to address personnel exposure and facilities damage from the increasing number of high-rate well tests. The success of these early systems prompted interest of Shell Oil Technology Group in Houston who invested a team of resources to develop the Water Curtain® into the industry’s FIRST engineered system for use on internal projects. Since then, the Water Curtain® continues to be the domestic market leader with its global presence increasing year-over-year, proving Burner’s managed service solution to be the best deluge heat protection during high rate and extended well test flaring.

BurnerFire Water Curtain®

Burner Fire Control Water Curtain® Heat Suppression System


Flare Heat and Thermal Radiation can become significant during high rate and extended well test operations (EWTs) on MODUs and other offshore facilities (including helideck located on platforms).  Burner’s first priority as an organization is the protection of personnel, health, productivity, and clients assets.  As API provides guidelines for recommended practices in 521 for heat radiation thresholds.  In conjunction, ABS recommends “Flares and burner booms are to be arranged such that the incident heat (short duration) on critical surfaces does not exceed 4.73 kW/m2 (1,500 BTU/hr/ft2) (including solar radiation).  The use of heat shields and water spray cooling system (water curtain) will be specifically considered.” (Guide for Well Test Systems, 13.3, ABS, 2010).  Burner’s goal is not only to meet compliance with these practices, but exceed these standards with our knowledge through decades of rig cooling project experience with the top testing companies and largest operators in the world.

Water Curtain® Total Facilities Cooling

Water Curtain Rig Cooling Offshore Heat Suppression
Total Water Cooled Radiant Heat Protection for Personnel, Facilities, and Equipment during high rate well testing

Built-in Redundancy on all Critical components.  Over 900 Projects successfully deployed with 0% rig, boom, or facilities damage record

Rig-side and handrail systems deployed for additional and multiple layers of radiant heat protection (used in conjunction with Burner Boom Nozzle) as first layer Burner heat shield

Flare and Boom Cooling: Burner Boom Nozzle

Water Curtain Rig Cooling Heat Suppression Boom Cooling
First Layer of Heat Protection for Lower Flare Rate Well Test Projects

Used in conjunction with Water Curtain® Full Rig Cooling System for higher rate well test flaring and Full Facilities Protection and special attention to critical areas

Designed and deployed on ALL Flare Boom types with NO walkway restrictions

Positioned behind burner heads to attenuate radiant heat

Pumping  Services & Personnel

Rig and Flare Cooling Pumping Services
Rig and Flare Cooling Personnel
Offshore Fire Protection Packages

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