Special Hazard Fire Protection Equipment: Premium Engineered, Self-Contained, Large Capacity

Burner Fire Control invests in evolving technology, industry certifications, training programs, workforce and facilities to develop the most progressive fire equipment in the market. We combine customized offshore and land fire and safety equipment, engineering, repair services, reconditioning, re-certification, spare parts procurement, training and technical support to produce higher-quality, long-lasting and more efficient equipment, resulting in less downtime, better performance and fewer replacements.

The field experience of our personnel, customer service, and global delivery capabilities continue to be unmatched in the industry.

Dry Chemical Powder Skid:  350-3000 lbs.

 Dry chemical fire fighting equipment.

  • Class B/C: Flammable Liquid, Gas, Electrical
  • Skid Mounted, DNV Approved Packages on request
  • UL Listed Capacities Available (mid-2014)
  • Custom Capacities and Piping
  • ASME Code Vessel
  • 30 Years of Field Use

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Twin-Agent Skid DCP and Foam:  200/80-3000/200 lbs.

Twin agent fire protection equipment.

  • Class B/C: Flammable Liquid, Gas, and Electrical
  • Custom Design to meet Specifications
  • Skid, Trailer, or Military Mountings
  • ASME Code Vessel
  • 30 Years of Field Use

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AFFF Foam Systems:  150 gallons-500 gallons

Fire protection equipment

  • Class B:  For Hydrocarbon Response
  • Large Capacity for Increased Coverage Area
  • Custom Capacities Available
  • ASME Code Vessel
  • 30 Years of Field Use

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Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS):  16 gallon-300 gallon

CAFS, Compressed Air Foam Fire Suppression Systems

  • Class A, B: Ordinary Combustibles, Flammable Liquid and Gas
  • Self Contained (Stored Energy)
  • 15-30 Time more Effective than Water Alone
  • ASME Code Vessel
  • Versatile Mounting Applications, Rapid Response Vehicles
  • Apparatus Mounting

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