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The Global Defender Blast Mitigation

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The Global Defender significantly mitigates the effects of dispersal (Chemical, Biological, and Radiological) and Explosive threats…

…up to 5 pounds. In addition to multiple explosive analyses, the system was evaluated by the US Department of Energy for Radiological Dispersal Device containment. The system fully contained 2 daily doses of Technetium-99 attached to a 1 pound binary explosive charge within a 20 feet radius as opposed to an unmitigated 1 daily dose contamination radius of 75 feet and the aerial dispersion of the agent.

  • Features and Options
    Fixed and portable systems mitigate devices up to 5 pounds of high explosive (2 lbs. with portable)
    Independent system requiring no external inputs (i.e. water, power, or pumps)
    System is stored ready-to-deploy eliminating on-scene setup
    System is comprised of subsystems and equipment proven reliable and fielded in other fire systems
    Biodegradable foam agent captures and preserves the device for forensic examination
    Self-contained enclosures prevent foam agent from contact the device
    Mitigates a variety of devices from vehicles to packages composed of ammonium nitrate to C4
    Remote or manual emplacement with no immediate device contact and long stand-off operation
    One handle operation operated by a single user
    Disable/disrupt device with system in place to mitigate inadvertent detonation

Method of Operation

All systems use the patented foam enclosures. The enclosures, which are folded for easy storage and deployment, automatically unfold to cover the device as they are filled with foam. The enclosures are made from a synthetic material designed to expand and give way, as necessary, when the device is detonated. The expansion enables the system to suppress and contain the blast effect, fragmentation, and any dispersible agents that may be attached to the device. The enclosures are fabricated with a solid bottom to prevent the foam from contacting the device reducing the risk of inadvertent detonation and it allows the enclosure to be moved once it is filled without spilling the foam.

The systems are compatible with most tools available today including disrupters, counter-charges, and perforators among others. A deployed system provides operators at least four hours of mitigation before the foam begins to degrade. The thickness and density of the proprietary foam offers many benefits including extended time to address a mitigated device, suppression, containment of dispersible agents by capturing and containing the agent within its bubble structure suspending it for hours, and easier clean-up post blast since the foam remains intact. The foam is biodegradable allowing it to dissipate on its own with no required cleanup if it was not contaminated with any dispersible agent.