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2017 Operations Summary Video – Burner Fire Control

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Burner Fire Control delivers a Full Range of On and Offshore Fire Protection, Safety, Construction, Fabrication, and Maintenance Services: Planning, Design, and Implementation.

Offshore Services

  • Water Curtain® Offshore Heat Suppression
  • Pre-USCG & BSEE Inspections
  • Fire Equipment Inspections & Surveys
  • Fire Suppression Equipment Design for Offshore Facilities
  • Fire Protection & Safety Packages for Well Testing & Flow-backs
  • DNV Approved Foam Systems for Intervention Work (DNV / ABS Class facilities)
  • Fire Protection and Safety Equipment Purchase and Rental

Fire Protection & Safety Services

  • NAV-AID Sales, Services, and Installation
  • Engineering Analysis and Drawing Review
  • Fire & Gas Detection System Sales, Services, and Installation
  • Engineered Clean Agent Fire Suppression Design, Installation, Inspection, and Maintenance  (CO2, FM200)
  • Fire Equipment Rental, Inspection, Repair, Maintenance
  • H2S Safety Equipment & Services
  • Breathing Air Equipment & Services
  • USCG Life Raft and Float Deployment, Service, and Maintenance

Fire Equipment Manufacturing

  • Dry Chemical Skid Units
  • Pre-Mixed Foam Skid Stations
  • Twin Agent Skid Units
  • Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS)
  • Custom Skid and Fire Water Packages

Construction Services

  • Offshore & Onshore Construction and Hookup Crews
  • Offshore & Onshore Maintenance Crews (Short & Long-Term)
  • Blast, Paint & Coating Services
  • Complete Inventory of In-House Equipment to include:  Welding machines, compressors, tool houses, earth moving equipment, trenching, and heavy haul

Fabrication Services

  • ASME Certified Shop and Facilities
  • Manifolds
  • Spool Piping
  • Platform stairwells, ladders, handrails, grating
  • Deck extensions, service decks, access platforms
  • Transport boxes, boat landings
  • Heliport & helideck landings
  • Pipeline & flowline installation
For further information, please send us a message via the contact page, or call us at (800) 864-4073