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Rig Cooling Contract

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Burner Signs Multi-Year  Service Agreement with Top Global Energy Company for Water Curtain® Rig Cooling Services, Safety, and Fire Suppression Equipment.

Burner’s first water cooling heat suppression system was engineered in the early 1980’s in partnership with Amoco Production Company to address personnel exposure and facilities damage from the increasing number of high-rate well tests. The success of these early systems prompted interest of Shell Oil Technology Group in Houston who invested a team of resources to develop the Water Curtain® into an engineered system for use on internal projects. Since then, the Water Curtain® continues to be the domestic market leader with its global presence increasing year-over-year – proving Burner’s engineered and managed service solution to be the best deluge heat protection during well testing.

For more information on Burner’s Water Curtain® Heat Suppression Services, visit the Rig Cooling page