The 1500g Compressed Air Foam System ncludes two 750g systems. Each sub-system includes a 750g solution tank, 2 monitor guns and 1 hose reel.  

HELIPORT FOAM SYSTEM – 1500 Gallons (Dual 750)

These systems will operate in concert to provide coverage of helideck (coverage area confirmed) using the evenly spaced monitor guns with additional fire suppression via the manually operated hose reels.

The 1500g system provides over 1300 GPM of finished foam with all 4 monitor guns firing simultaneously with an additional 450 GPM of finished foam from 2 hose reels also firing simultaneously.


1 – CAFS outlet for hose reel
2 – CAFS outlet for 2 monitors

Finished Foam: 4,380 Gallons (5 min)
Minimum of 651 Gallins of finished foam for (2) monitors
225 Gallons of finished foam for (1) hose reel
Discharge Range – 75 Feet Sustained
Pressure Vessel Type – 2:1 ASME Code Head – Elliptical minimum 3/16 steel.
Pressure Vessel Construction – Constructed Carbon Steel
Pressure Vessel Diameter – 48” need other dimensions
Fill Diameter – 4”
Draw Tube – Special Design for Interior CAFS Mixing
Discharge shutoff – 1” Pistol Grip Shutoff with Straight bore tip
System Hose – Single wire Hydraulic hoses
Booster reel equipped with Black 1”x 100’ Booster Hose with Extruded Brass Couplings Mounted on Hose reel
12 – 300 cubic feet, 2216 PSI with a 540 CGA Nitrogen bottles in bottle rack with 12 individual regulators one (1) per bottle
Interior of Pressure Vessel – Sandblasted and Lined With a Powder Coat Epoxy Interior Protective Coating
Exterior Finish Powder coated