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FDIC Fire Show attracts the latest in Fire Protection

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Burner exhibits Fire Protection line at FDIC Fire Show in Indianapolis

The company showcased is popular fully equipped Rapid Response Vehicles, Dry Chemical, Systems, Foam, and Stored Energy CAFS Fire Protection Systems.

Dry Chemical Skids

Burner Dry Chemical Systems are manufactured in standard capacities of 500, 1000, 1500, and 2500 lbs.  They can be configured as a skid, trailer, piped installation, or apparatus mounting application.  Custom capacities for specific customer requirement can range from 350 to 3000 lbs. All Dry Chemical Systems can be operated by a single person or configured for automatic discharge.  Hose-reel auto actuated systems can be built to specifications.

Twin-Agent Units

Burner Twin-Agent Dry Chemical Powder and Foam Systems combines the effective knock down response of the Dry Chemical Systems with added flame suppressant, cooling, and blanketing vapor mitigation of Foam.

Compressed Air Foam and Rapid Response Vehicles

The compressed air foam RRVs (CAFS) provides two methods of discharge: (1) a traditional hand line or (2) a custom designed, electrically actuated foam turret mounted on the front of the vehicle. This turret allows the driver to discharge foam with the push of a button while still maneuvering the vehicle. The turret provide the operator 180 degrees of discharge both vertically and horizontally.

The full equipment line has been on the forefront of the design curve for over 30 years.

The FDIC Fire Show has proven year after year that it is the premier conference and exhibition for the fire industry. With the largest gathering of decision-makers, trainers and experts – as well as manufacturers and suppliers, FDIC serves as a spearhead for networking, relationship development and future revenue growth.