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ISNetworld Contractor Testimonial – Burner Fire Control

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To Whom It May Concern,

The cohesive goal at Burner Fire Control is to protect human life, the environment, the assets of our clients, and deliver world-class service and equipment that maximize project and operational objectives. We continually accomplish our goal by providing superior equipment and product services in high-risk environments.

Understanding client requirements and project specifications, in intimate detail, is a minimum expectation for our company. This allows our organization to effectively incorporate customer feedback in our equipment and service offerings. We have structured and maintained a world-class team of personnel to service our client’s operations on a global scale, and we always exceed our goals on every project.

Our core competencies include manufacturing premium equipment for offshore special hazard fire protection, maintaining inspection and survey offerings to meet stringent safety standards for onshore and offshore field locations, and delivering top-tier fabrication solutions and facilities maintenance services. Our clients represent the top firms in the energy industry, and we strive to continually provide them with unmatched offshore and onshore services. Over the past four decades, we have grown our organization and our breadth of expertise and capabilities. We have continued to keep client satisfaction at the forefront of our primary objectives.

As a large contractor, we were already providing a wide portfolio of safety services to our clients. We know first-hand the complexity of health, safety, and environmental management and the challenges contractors face to maintain compliance. With the introduction of ISNetworld, we immediately saw the benefits of our subscription and utilized the tools provided in our ISNetworld account to increase efficiency and accuracy as compared to the manual process needed before ISN. In addition, the ISNetworld platform enables us to sync data reports seamlessly and in real time. This capability was not possible with the use of our company’s internal record-keeping systems.

The management of hundreds of employees, in our offshore and onshore crews, is a cumbersome task and the ISNetworld platform has, no doubt, alleviated those pain-points. ISNetworld has improved the overall safety position for our company and continues to be an essential tool for our business.


Burner Fire Control, Inc.