Burner Fire Control was pleased to submit its redesigned full page corporate fact sheet to Go Gulf Magazine for its upcoming Offshore Fire and Rescue edition

This issue will highlight the top offshore fire protection and rescue service and supply companies who specialize in this area.  Burner has specialized in fire protection equipment and services for the offshore industry for over 40 years.  Some key differentiators that set Burner apart are that the companies is not only certified to inspect and repair large fire suppression systems, but has been a primary manufacture of their own line of units that have decades of field tested use.  Dry Chemical and Foam continue to be a first line response in special hazards offshore to prevent the spread of a containable fire.  The units can be operated by one person and ship standard in a pre-pressurized mode to offer instantaneous discharge of the foam and chemical without wasting critical time in charging the unit.  Burner systems are some of the only systems in the world that can achieve this without compromising the integrity of the chemical.

Go Gulf will also publish a featured editorial on Burner that outlines its capabilities in being a top tier equipment manufacturer of Large Capacity Dry Chemical, Foam Skid Systems, one of the largest portable fire extinguisher dealers for Amerex and Buckeye, as well as delivery of safety related offshore services.

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