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LNG Fire Safety

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) sets the requirements for firefighting equipment...

Wellsite Fire Protection for Fracking Operations

Compressed Air Foam Systems – Skid and Trailered Units

SUMMARY Fire Protection for Land-based...

Burner Fire Control featured in Fire Apparatus Magazine

Lafayette, Louisiana-based Burner Fire Control has been manufacturing industrial self-contained...

New Burner AD in Go Gulf Magazine

Burner Fire Control was pleased to submit its redesigned full page corporate fact sheet to Go...

Dry Chemical Skids for Leading Deepwater Drilling Company

Dry Chemical Skid Units manufactured and delivered to leading UK-based deepwater drilling company.

ARFF by Oshkosh features Burner Dry Chemical System

Oshkosh ARFF Storm features Burner Dry Chemical System

FDIC 2014 proved to be the largest FDIC...

In Sharonville, Ohio, Preparedness Includes a Dry Chem Unit

Designing a new piece of apparatus for your department starts with determining the manufacturer,...

Twin Agent Unit for Special Hazard Fire Protection

Twin Agent Systems combine Dry Chemical and Foam Fire Fighting Effectiveness

Twin Agent Units used in Afghanistan

Twin Agent Fire Fighting Systems manufactured and shipped to Afghanistan

LAFAYETTE, La., May 14,...