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Compressed Air Foam CAFS Fire Fighting Trailer Mount

CAFS Compressed Air Foam mobile delivery system for Class A & B Foam for the mitigation of...

CAFS Helideck Fire Protection

Full Fire Fighting and Safety Equipment for protection of structural and fuel hazards on helicopter...

Millsboro VFC signs contract for E-One Rescue Truck

The membership of the Millsboro VFC has approved the purchase of a new E-One Walk In Rescue Truck...

Burner deploys Methanol Fire Protection on Subsea Intervention Vessel

Burner Fire Control was commissioned to deploy fire protection services solutions for hazardous...

Dry Chemical Skids for Leading Deepwater Drilling Company

Dry Chemical Skid Units manufactured and delivered to leading UK-based deepwater drilling company.

FDIC Fire Show attracts the latest in Fire Protection

Burner exhibits Fire Protection line at FDIC Fire Show in Indianapolis

Stored Energy Compressed Air Foam – Rescue

Rescue Truck Designs Reflect Multipurpose Trends

(2) The Jessup (PA) Hose Co. turned to KME to...

Official CAP 437 – Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas

Official CAP 437 – Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas

Potassium Bicarbonate Powder (Purple-K)

United States Naval Research Laboratory

In 1959, a series of original investigations by NRL in the...

Recommended Practice for Fire Prevention and Control on Fixed Open-type Offshore Production Platforms

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This Recommended Practice...