Guide to Remote Discharge Systems for Dry Chemical Skid Fire-Fighting Equipment

Constant Discharge and Remote Hose Reel Installations

Unique from any other system, Burner Fire Control manufactures a fleet of Dry Chemical Systems that are the most versatile units on the market.  The superior design of these systems are further proven in situations where remote discharge devices are needed.  In comparison to competing systems that are fabricated with only (1) discharge outlet from the agent vessel, Burner Fire systems are designed to accommodate up to (4) discharge lines.  

Burner Fire Control | Dry Chemical ApparatusThis patented expulsion systems allows each hose reel to obtain the chemical through the aforementioned independent discharge tubes affording a constant discharge pressure and rate on demand.

With a plurality of discharge tubes individually controlled, the user is given remote installation capabilities with isolated discharges. With individual manual control discharge valves to each hose reel on the skid unit, either hose reel can be actuated without charging the hose reel not in use.

Either hose reel located in a remote location can be actuated independent of the other remote reel and the remaining reels on the skid unit.  Installations include offshore oil and gas platforms, and LNG Facilities.

GA Drawing:  Dry Chemical Skid 500 LB. System with (2) Piped Remote Discharge Ports

Component I.D. Model:  Dry Chemical Skid 500 LB. System with (2) Piped Remote Discharge Ports

Dry Chemical Skid Units

Burner Fire Control | Dry Chemical Skid

Dry Chemical hoses are designed for use on Class A, B and C hazards. They incorporate both a pressurized large capacity extinguisher cylinder as well as an instantly discharged nitrogen back-up supply to maintain constant pressure during discharge cycle operations - making it perfect when fighting fires from mobile or fixed platforms of operation.

Burner Provides full DCP Systems evaluation, testing, and training at The Carrol L. Herring Fire & Emergency Training Institute in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Dry Chemical Systems can be certified with ABS and DNV Approvals on request.

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