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FOAM Fire Protection Units for Offshore Installations

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Burner Fire Control commissions their Pre-Mixed Foam Fire Protection Stations on offshore facilities for multiple clients in the Gulf of Mexico. 

PRE-MIXED FOAM Fire Protection Stations

Pre-mixed Foam Stations are designed for Class B Hydrocarbon Fire Protection. The systems can be activated simultaneously to deluge a large hazard area or optionally be piped separately to sections of nozzles to only deluge targeted sections.

Capacities range from 150 to 500 gallons and custom capacity code tanks can be fabricated in-house to customer specifications at Burner Fire Control’s ASME facilities. Units are offered with Loss of Pressure (LOP) actuation systems and can be configured for manual or automatic discharge.


Pre-Mixed Foam and Compressed Air Foam (CAFS) Units are suited for offshore installations, oil tankers, aircraft hangars, fuel storage tanks, helidecks, pumping stations, and land wellsite production and frac areas in providing rapid response flame attack on Class B fires consisting of flammable liquid spills and hazards.

Aspirated foam acts as a blanket source to cool and smother pooling hydrocarbon liquid while additionally acting as a vapor suppressant to aid in preventing re-ignition of the hazard area. The Foam Stations and Skid Unit systems overcome limitations experienced with traditional foam proportioners, around-the-pump systems, applicators, and foam concentrate storage tanks.

Limitation variables with other non-self-contained systems include inlet pressure, back pressure restrictions, nozzle restrictions, variable flow rates, and mobility – issues not present with Burner Fire Control’s pre-engineered units.

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