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Wellsite Tank Battery Fire Protection Equipment

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Burner Fire Control designs, manufactures, and ships another fleet of Foam Fire Protection Stations to the Permian Basin.

The Pre-Mixed Foam Delivery Systems were set up and installed for Tank Battery fire protection on the customer’s site.  The units are completely self-contained and require no outside water, foam pumps, or proportioners.  Pre-Mixed Foam Units are suited for offshore installations, oil tankers, aircraft hangars, fuel storage tanks, pumping stations, and land wellsite production and fracking areas in providing rapid response flame attack on Class B fires (consisting of flammable liquid spills).  Foam Agents provide a blanket source to smother and cool pooling hydrocarbon liquid while additionally acting as a vapor suppressant to aid in preventing re-ignition.

Self-Contained systems address limitations present with traditional foam proportioners, around-the-pump systems, foam monitors, applicators, and foam concentrate storage tanks. These limitations include inlet pressure, back pressure restrictions, nozzle restrictions, variable flow rates, and mobility.

Wellsite Tank Battery Oil and Gas Facility Fire Fighting Foam Station

AFFF Foam Stations: Tank Battery Fire Protection

For assistance in determining required fire protection capabilities for your land wellsite location, please complete the Contact Request or call 1-800-864-4073