Burner Fire Control serves the industrial and energy markets providing fire protection related services and equipment through a diversified base of operations located in Lafayette, Louisiana.  In addition, the company delivers a full spectrum of specialized fabrication, construction, and maintenance services to companies with wellsite operations located on land and offshore.

Founded in 1973, Burner Fire Control has grown in personnel and capabilities to commission equipment and services globally. Burner has a history of developing equipment and service offerings for asset protection and loss prevention in special fire hazard environments. Near its inception, Burner pioneered engineered heat suppression to be deployed during offshore well cleanups, flow-backs, and production testing. Since then, the Water Curtain® Rig Cooling system is globally recognized and continually referenced in industry related best practices and safety compliance.

Burner manufactures large capacity Dry Chemical and Foam Skid system that are used in a variety of applications to include; offshore drilling and production facilities, petrochemical sites, LNG vessels and plants, aviation and heliport, and government & military-related applications. The company’s emphasis on quality, integrity, and safety of operations has given it a stellar reputation within their book of clients over 40 years of service.