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Wellsite and Frac Fleet Fire Safety

Our Frac Equipment Automatic Fire Protection Systems provide advanced fire protection for electric...

ABS American Bureau of Shipping – 2016 Certification


Burner Fire Control featured in Fire Apparatus Magazine

Lafayette, Louisiana-based Burner Fire Control has been manufacturing industrial self-contained...

Burner Fire Control: Diversified Industrial & Wellsite Services – Lagcoe 2015

Burner Fire Control serves the industrial and energy markets providing fire protection related...

In Sharonville, Ohio, Preparedness Includes a Dry Chem Unit

Designing a new piece of apparatus for your department starts with determining the manufacturer,...

LSU Fire Protection Apparatus

LSU Fire Truck with Burner Fire Control Protection Mounted Equipment

Twin Agent Unit for Special Hazard Fire Protection

Twin Agent Systems combine Dry Chemical and Foam Fire Fighting Effectiveness