Burner Fire Control completes delivery of Heliport Fire Fighting Equipment for SPLC Helideck Upgrades in the Gulf of Mexico

In 2016, Shell Aviation conducted an audit on four major SPLC right of way platforms with SS28/MP69P completed over the summer of 2017, and GC 19/SS 241 to be completed in 2018.

The SPLC helideck upgrades for MP69P and SS28 are great example of effective communications/integration between SPLC Operations, SPLC Engineering, Shell Aviation and our contracting partners (Bay Offshore, OMC, Shamrock, Audubon Engineering, Burner Fire Control) in order to complete two critical projects on time.

Additionally, the project team worked hard at MP69P/SS28 this year to provide accurate estimates to efficiently manage capital and safely execute during a difficult weather window. The projects were IP’d in Q1 2017, with the new SPLC TA standard guidance, minimizing re-work and allowing enough schedule flexibility to complete despite two temporary delays and one temporary de-mobilization at SS28 due to an active GOM hurricane season.

The scope consisted of several items/infrastructure upgrades under a multi-million dollar capital budget for each site, including installing multiple Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) skids to automatically spray foam during helideck fires, upgrading the jet fuel system at MP69P, installing multiple routes of new drain piping over three stories, new helideck panels and lighting, repainting of both helidecks, as well as conducting appropriate structural assessments for SPLC’s expanded fleet of helicopters. Both projects were worked in coordination with SPLC Operations with major MP69P scope completed in August 2017, and SS28 completed at the end of September 2017.

While there were definitely challenges and logistical issues to deal with, the entire project team worked to manage them effectively with great teamwork in order to see a successful completion of MP69P/SS28 and continue successful front end planning for 2018 sites.

To learn more on the Helideck CAFS Unit, please visit the demonstration video page

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