The Compressed Air Foam CAFS Helideck Fire Fighting Unit completes testing to achieve client compliance for use globally on helidecks and offshore facilities.

CAFS Helideck Unit

The 450 Gallon CAFS Helideck Unit is designed to meet multiple internal and external governing mandates to achieve total compliance harmonization.  The unique characteristics of system design to include self-containment and integrated remote oscillating foam monitors (designed to deliver Class A and Class B Foam), places this System in its own category of superior performance and application of use.

The accompanied official demonstration video illustrates the speed at which coverage is achieved via the foam monitors based on calculations of the Heliport or Helideck’s “D-Value” (overall dimensions).  From the monitor coverage on the Helideck, a dense foam blanket is applied as a barrier to any exposed surface fuel and ambient oxygen.  

The mitigation of additional fuel reacting with the fire by the foam barrier, disrupts the chemical reaction that would cause rapid spread. In addition to suppressing the active fire, the CAF diminishes heat by insulating (using the trapped air within the CAF bubble structure), reflecting radiant heat, thus preventing excess heat which also intensifies the hazard.

The self-contained CAFS System is designed to operate electronically or pneumatically via a control panel also mounted on the skid system with a battery backup for redundancy.  As noted, the entire system is self-contained requiring no outside source of water, foam, or power.

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References and Codes:

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) created NFPA 418 the Standard for Heliports, United States Coast Guard (USCG) Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Title 46 Part 108 that includes section 486 Fire protection for Helicopter Facilities, and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) uses CAP 437 the Standard for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas which contains chapter 5 Helideck Rescue and Fire Fighting Facilities.

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