Burner Fire Control has completed design, manufacturing, and testing of its Self-Contained, 250 Gallon, CAFS (Compressed Air Foam) Fire Fighting Unit.

CAFS Heliport Jet Fuel Fire Fighting System

250 Gallon Self Contained CAFS Fire Fighting Unit

Burner Fire Control's Compressed Air Foam Systems

CAFS units are stored-energy, using compressed air or nitrogen to discharge and aspirate the foam agent at a minimum 10:1 expansion ratio.

The blanket that this product uses for smothering fires is efficient in cooling it down as well preventing fuel from combining with oxygen; all while reflecting radiant heat away to stop the fire from growing.

Burner has designed and manufactured our full line of Compressed Air Foam systems in-house for over 30 years, which allows us to offer a level customization that is unmatched in the industry.

There are several standard models available with many different modifications possible for each system based on customer specifications or unique design needs.

We also have the capability to design custom-fit solutions according to specific requirements needed by companies.

Finally - our innovative technology will disrupt those reactions altogether by providing an insulation barrier against fire's potential for more damage done to you.

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Burner Fire Control delivers complete fire protection for onshore and offshore operations as well as safety, constructionfabrication, and maintenance services. Each person on our technical management team has an average of 25 years in the industrial & marine fire safety field experience. 

These skills plus the industry’s most respected certifications, our growing list of client credentials, and expertise in both the offshore and onshore fields make us one of the most unique privately-held organizations in the oilfield services sector.