As our Customer's diverse demands for Burner Fire Control Compressed Air Foam Fire Protection Equipment continues to increase...

New fabricated configurations and foam agent options are consistently tested at our shop.  A variety of conditions are considered when evaluating a CAFS solution for our Clients; temperature & climate, geographical location, accessibility & mobility, salt exposure, and proximity to sensitive environmental areas.

Non-fluorinated foams (NFF) or Fluorine-free foams (FFF or F3) have gained traction in the industry as their performance in fire extinguishment continues to increase.  Some of these synthetic fire-fighting foams have the ability to offer pre-mixed freeze-proof versions operating down to -40°C.  These foams are suited for Class A (ordinary combustible materials) & Class B (flammable liquids, fuels, and vapor-producing hydrocarbon) fires.  As some of the early NFF Foams lacked many of the advantages as their fluorinated counter-parts, many current fluorine-free products on the market offer comparable vapor suppressant and cooling properties.

Full specifications & data sheets for Burner Compressed Air Foam Equipment available in our Industrial Fire Protection Equipment Catalog