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Millsboro VFC signs contract for E-One Rescue Truck

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The membership of the Millsboro VFC has approved the purchase of a new E-One Walk In Rescue Truck with the contract for same signed in early December with Patriot Fire Equipment. This truck is expected to be complete in the fall of 2017.

A few highlights of the unit are as follows:2 door E-One short cab chassis with transverse storage, Stainless Steel 20′ walk in box w/ climate control, Wil Burt LED light tower, LED warning and scene lighting, Seating for 8 firefighters in the walk in box (6 SCBA), Burner Fire Control self contained CAFS foam system, Combination of hydraulic and battery Hurst rescue compliment, Rescue diver provisions for 2 divers, Rescue/Medical/ Fire equipment. Photos of the unit will be posted as the construction advances.

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