Full Fire Fighting and Safety Equipment for protection of structural and fuel hazards on helicopter landing areas.  

Designed and built for offshore environments.   CAFS Compressed Air Foam Units are designed per spec to meet client requirements and governing codes per region.

What are CAFS?

CAFS Compressed Air Foam Systems are a stored-energy fire suppression system that injects compressed air into the foam solution to generate powerful, attacking and sticky flames.

These types of foams have tighter bubble structures than pure water or standard versions - this allows them to adhere better on vertical surfaces as well horizontally while also penetrating fires deeper before releasing their liquid content which makes these kinds more effective at putting out fires.

CAFS Advantages in Fire Fighting

CAFS is not just a fire suppressant, it attacks all sides of the tetrahedron by smothering flames with "foam blanket" thus preventing oxygen from combining with fuel.

The bubbles actually reflect radiant heat which limits excessive consumption and adds more safety for you!

Finally, CAFS has been shown to disrupt the chemical reaction required for fire to continue. CAFS is 15 to 30 times more effective than water alone.

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Burner Fire Control delivers complete fire protection for onshore and offshore operations as well as safety, constructionfabrication, and maintenance services. Each person on our technical management team has an average of 25 years in the industrial & marine fire safety field experience. 

These skills plus the industry’s most respected certifications, our growing list of client credentials, and expertise in both the offshore and onshore fields make us one of the most unique privately-held organizations in the oilfield services sector.