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The Importance of Fire Suppression Systems in LNG Facilities

Exploring the crucial role of fire suppression systems in ensuring safety in LNG facilities.

LNG Fire Safety

Fire safety aboard LNG ships is a critical element to the successful transportation and safe work...

Burner Fire Control featured in Fire Apparatus Magazine

Lafayette, Louisiana-based Burner Fire Control has been manufacturing industrial self-contained...

Dry Chemical Skid with Remote Discharges

Guide to Remote Discharge Systems for Dry Chemical Skid Fire-Fighting Equipment

Dry Chemical Skid Units – LNG Facilities Fire Protection

As new LNG facilities continue to be designed and constructed, Burner Fire Control has continued to...

Twin Agent Hand Hose Line Fire Suppression Test – LSU FETI

Burner Twin-Agent Dry Chemical Powder and Foam Systems combine the effective knock down response of...

Twin Agent Fire Fighting Skid Demonstration – LSU FETI

Burner Fire Control Twin-Agent (Dry Chemical Powder and Foam Systems) combine the effective...

Burner Fire Control Exhibits OEM Suppression Systems

September 29th – October 2, 2014, Burner Fire Control® JJM is an equipment exhibitor at the ARFF...

New Burner AD in Go Gulf Magazine

Burner Fire Control was pleased to submit its redesigned full page corporate fact sheet to Go Gulf...

Dry Chemical Skids for Leading Deepwater Drilling Company

Dry Chemical Skid Units manufactured and delivered to leading UK-based deepwater drilling company.