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CAFS Helideck Fire Protection

Full Fire Fighting and Safety Equipment for protection of structural and fuel hazards on...

ABS American Bureau of Shipping – 2016 Certification


Burner Fire Control featured in Fire Apparatus Magazine

Lafayette, Louisiana-based Burner Fire Control has been manufacturing industrial self-contained...

Dry Chemical Skid with Remote Discharges

What You Need to Know When Considering Dry Chemical Remote Discharge Systems

Dry Chemical Skid Units – LNG Facilities Fire Protection

LNG Facilities and Vessel Fire Protection

As the current cycle of new LNG facilities continue...

Burner Fire Control: Diversified Industrial & Wellsite Services – Lagcoe 2015

Burner Fire Control serves the industrial and energy markets providing fire protection related...

Twin Agent Hand Hose Line Fire Suppression Test – LSU FETI

Burner Twin-Agent Dry Chemical Powder and Foam Systems combine the effective knock down response of...

Twin Agent Fire Fighting Skid Demonstration – LSU FETI

Burner Fire Control Twin-Agent (Dry Chemical Powder and Foam Systems) combine the effective...

ABS Approved Pre-Mixed Foam Systems

Burner Fire Control® builds custom Super AFFF Foam Systems for Helideck Fire Protection


Guide to Helideck Foam Fire Protection

Here is a guide to Foam Fire Protection:  Heliports and Helidecks